Manu Stegui

Nacido y criado en Puerto Rico. Padre de 3 y veterano del U.S. Army. Actualmente resido Texas, U.S. y soy artista digital y tradicional "mixed media". Hace un año entré al mundo de los "NFTs" y desde entonces he creado mi comunidad y la fundacion de mi carrera como artista en el web/3. 


Soy creador de los "Beisiks" donde el estilo es inspirado en los artistas como Basquiat y Pablo Picasso con un toque de "Street Art"

IG https://instagram.com/_manu_stegui_

TW https://twitter.com/manu_stegui13

NFT Name: Ritmo


"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony."

Thomas Merton

Price .12ETH

Marketplace: Knoworigin

Link : https://knownorigin.io/gallery/20036000-ritmo

IMG_7451 2.jpg


H. Samarel is a digital erotic artist known for his distinctive style and erotically charged images of women and human sexuality. Samarel's work draws heavily on the influences of Salvador Dali and H.R. Giger, which have contributed to the formation of his unique and vibrant style.


Through expert photo manipulations, Samarel balances soft erotica and hardcore ethereal images, to create his self-termed "Artcore" dreamscapes. His digital art giclees have been described as a thoughtful combination of artistic talent and technical skill.

IG: https://instagram.com/samarel.nft

TW: https://twitter.com/samarelart

NFT Name: All she really needs from you



Don't you want your woman to FEEL your love, even when you are not making love?

Own this NFT and make her feel you with a gentle hug, like this one, on your screen or on your wall in the bedroom.

Price .90 ETH

Marketplace: Foundation

Link: https://foundation.app/@Samarel/foundation/103939



The women in my images have become an integral part of each project. In addition to being the creator of the concepts and the Production and Post-Production of all the work, they know very well how much appreciation and respect for them I bring to the mix, to the point that I have kept working with some of them for year and years. My wife says I am being more feminist than any woman she knows, so here goes my appreciation for all women. 

My most recent developments towards setting foot in the Non-Fungible Tokens ( NFT) Marketplaces have now created a new process of Transmutation of my work, as I get deeper into Digital Art forms, including more motion than ever before. Stay tuned for the full series appearing in the NFT Marketplaces.


Learn more https://theartofthebody.com/who-is-jorge-parra

Artist name: FineArtKrypto

IG: https://instagram.com/FineArtKrypto

TW: https://twitter.com/fineartkrypto

NFT Name: Leviathon- The Angel of Dark Waters 


FROM THE AQUANGELS LIMITED EDITION SERIES comes this beauty, one of the lesser known, barely described in occult texts, Leviathon, the unique Angel of the Dark Waters., direct descendant of the Angel of Fires. It is said in ancient occult documents that this Angel would perform strange rituals trough contorted body postures which made him/her emmanate this radiant burning glow. Some historians assume those postures became the basis for some yoga poses, but this has not been verified.

Price: 0.60 ETH

Marketplace: Foundation

Link: https://foundation.app/@FineArtKrypto/TheArtoftheBody/3

Fernando Samalot

Fernando Samalot is a Photographer and Poet from Puerto Rico offering his art as a pathway to healing and transformation.


His work explores themes such as the relationship between light and darkness, vulnerability, trust, surrender, sensuality and softness- allowing space to honor all the different aspects that shape us into multi dimensional beings.


Known for his use of vibrant colors, a dreamlike natural light and interweaving bodies with landscapes, he opens up his hidden world in hopes of creating connection and allowing the viewer to tap into something deeper in themselves. 


A sacred place inside us

where our love is safe to grow.

IG https://instagram.com/fernandosamalot

TW https://twitter.com/samalottalove

NFT Name: Fan the flame

NFT Description:

I want to be the windthat fans the flame

inside your heart,

my dear.


Cariño mío,

yo solo quiero ser

el viento que alienta la llama

encendida en tu corazón.

Price 1.00 ETH

Marketplace: Foundation

Link: https://foundation.app/@FernandoSamalot/lightsea/4

Justin Breen

J. Breen is a motion graphics and visual effects artist with over 20 years experience pushing pixels. He has been able to apply his talent as a Digital Designer across several mediums including large scale projection mapping for city buildings, Corporate Branding campaigns for Fortune 100s, and one-of-a-kind high end jewelry pieces. 


AI Generated Art has become the new foundation for his creations. This new technology allows for rapid iterations of designs and concepts, with the human touch applied on the back end for digital retouching, animations, photo manipulation, and visual effects. 


His dream is to live in a world surrounded by beauty. With technologies such as AR/VR and Hologram Walls, that future is closer than we can imagine.

IG - @abundance_and_flow

Name of NFT - "The Eye of the Beholder"



"This piece was created using MidJourney and After Effects and is a representation of how an AI can take the prompt "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and generate something spectacular. It is part of a larger series focusing on how an Artificial Intelligence views the connections between humans, beauty and psychedelic art. Animating the final image in After Effects brought the piece to life by incorporating the "moving carpet effect" commonly felt on entheogens".


Price - 1 ETH

Marketplace: Mintable

Link: https://mintable.app/ART/item/The-Eye-of-the-Beholder-Humans--AI--Psychedelics/hi1BsHQMCOzmld6


Marinna Bogdan

Marinna Bogdan es una artista de Rincón, Puerto Rico y diseñadora gráfica. Comenzando su carrera artística como maquillista profesional, especializándose en maquillaje SFX. Luego, pasa a utilizar un medio puramente digital para su arte. Definiendo su estilo como un cruce entre el retro futurismo y lo psicodélico, esta artista crea piezas coloridas tocando temas como la ansiedad y el existencialismo.

IG: https://instagram.com/marinna.bgdn

TW: https://twitter.com/Marinna_Bgdn

NFT Name: Eudaemonia



“We lie in each other's arms eyes shut and fingers open and all the colors of the world pass through our bodies like strings of fire.” - Marge Piercy

Price 0.44 ETH

Marketplace: Rariable

Link: https://rarible.com/token/0xc9154424b823b10579895ccbe442d41b9abd96ed:67996497199809497675796971153978386771723034246274565887279020763023239282706/


Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Graduated with a BFA in Painting and Digital Art and Design from EAPD , PR. in 2015. Since then Oviany has created a body of physical work and is currently exploring the possibilities with NFT’s and digital assets. His work is in a space between graffiti, brandalism, collage, pop art and graphic design. The process of creation is a combination of experimentation, spontaneity, and planned execution.  


The subjects he currently is developing are identity, memory and     meaning. His work reflects life in the 21st century as the barrage of  imagery and information alludes to our hyper information-based society. 


Senen Llanos

Desde el principio Senén ha estado particularmente interesado en trabajar con texturas y desnudos. Inyectando color en la ecuación, utiliza la piel como canvas para crear su arte. Sus primeros experimentos comenzaron con fotografía de desnudos en el 2009, desde entonces ha seguido evolucionando su trabajo.

Internacionalmente reconocidos, Senén  ha tenido la oportunidad de hacer varias presentaciones de artes en lugares como Miami Art Basel, Cipriani NY, el Vanderbilt y la Concha entre otros.


Learn more: http://www.senenllanos.com/senen-the-artist#the-artist

Ig https://instagram.com/senen

Tw https://twitter.com/senenllanos

Name of nft:  Seasons of Gratitude

Description: On the close of the year 2021, I was reminded of the need to be grateful and to appreciate grief, sorrow, and the growth it brings.

2021 was an emotional whirlwind of hard changes, lost friendships, and new life. Each season brought a new phase of pain, growth, pleasure, and happiness. It’s was also a time of learning to understand and appreciate my blessings, and especially of processing grief.

I’ve now reached the point where I’m once again surrounded by peace and blessed with happiness. With the creation of this collection, I marked the passing of one phase of my life and the beginning of another.

It started as A single photograph of a peaceful grateful subject captured in nature and manipulated by artificial intelligence. As the AI was directed to reinterpret the seasons, my subject becomes a statue molded by the seasons and time. In essence the statue’s growth mirrors my growth.


Price .50 ETH






is Cuban and I graduated from the Instituto Superior de Diseño in Havana, Cuba. I am a graphic

designer, illustrator and very recently I have started my way as a NFT artist. I am currently Manager of Graphic Design at

FOOTDISTRICT in Madrid, Spain. In these last years of work, I have had the

opportunity to work on projects with brands like Nike, Adidas, Reebok, ACG, Asics, doing the graphic design and helping in the creative direction.

My NFT pieces are on platforms such as OpenSea, KnownOrigin and Foundation. I like designs with visual impact and that are

easily remembered. My work can be both analog and digital and I always like to explore new ways to communicate the visual message and express myself.

IG https://instagram.com/cmondeja

TW https://twitter.com/mondejac

NFT Name The Wedding of 420

Description Everything is mixed at this moment, colors, what appears to be the good side and what should be darkness. I enjoy the journey. Ahí te encargo!

This piece is part of the 4/20 drop with the M2C2 creative collective.

Price 0.42 ETH

Marketplace Foundation

Link https://foundation.app/@CMondeja/cmondejacca/4

Amato Artist

Gianfranco Amato was born in 1984 in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hesse in Germany with Italian roots.


Already after school, he wanted to go into photography to make his artistic vein come true, unfortunately he was denied that because he had a red-green weakness.


Shortly afterwards, he decided to realize his art in gastronomy with his senses and began to create the cocktails in the bar world.


Inspired by his work abroad Within Europe, many creative cocktails were created.


This was followed by its own Manoamano Bar in Wiesbaden, which has been giving every guest joy to this day since 2010.


An own Amato Gin was inspired by its Mediterranean influences in 2014.


During the pandemic, Amato Artista rediscovered his passion for art and made his works such as the NFT Blockchain public.


Art for him reflects his inner self again with passion, irony and secret expressions that show a main feature, especially on tolerance.

Ig: https://instagram.com/amato.artista

Tw: https://twitter.com/amato_artista

Name: Glossy Passion 

Marketplace Nftreats Art 

Description: the feeling of passion

Price: 66 WMatic

Link: https://market.nftreats.art/AmatoArtista/798-glossy-passion


Iris, 1997. Photographer and audiovisual producer. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she works as a photographer and as an audiovisual producer in the production of her own and collaborative artistic projects.

Her images are playful and sensual. With great attention to detail she proposes visual and narrative games. She is interested in the subtle to generate images that provoke visual pleasure by their simplicity.

Ig https://instagram.com/iriskauf

Tw https://twitter.com/iriskauf_

Name of NFT: Golden Nipple 



Last piece of a series that seeks to naturalize the presence of free nipples. The golden nipple is made with a specially designed jewel by the artist for this photography.

Price 0.40 ETH

Marketplace: Foundation

Link https://foundation.app/@iris/foundation/103871 



Mcknotty, George is a Shibari artist and facilitator. Artistically influenced by the works of Hajime Kinoko, and technically mentored by Lazarus the Dutchy. 


Mcknotty’s Shibari practice and artwork embodies both feminine and masculine energy. Bringing both energies into a sultry meeting point. 


With his art he aims to showcase the healing empowerment humans can experience through rope.

Instagram handle: @mc.knotty 

Artist name: Mcknotty

NFT Name: The Fairy

Market Place: Opensea


"Shibari Installation, by @mc.knotty honoring the connection of mind, body, spirit, human engineering, and the forces of nature.


The mystique and magical fairy were freehanded in the hours leading up to Hurricane Fiona which devastated Puerto Rico. Never overlook rope in hurricane prep, and never underestimate the power of nature.


This art piece empowers the feminine, from the powerful feminine energy of nature and mother earth that devastated the airplane, to the model's lovely secure gaze that's focused on the elements. Although her body is tightly bound and suspended, she is free. She chooses to honor the connections that her wings represent, she grasps them, not in fear, but in the embodiment of connection. Spreading her wings of connection and safety."

Link: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/59706592987491645049060384961917673087950589188130352282513047063985951604737

Aaron Lewis

“Philadelphia based artist Aaron Lewis creates dream like imagery that captures a sexual & erotic spirit. having gathered features for his work in Vogue Italia, Playboy and Hypebae Aaron Lewis looks to continue to be a force”


IG: https://instagram.com/theeroticprince

TW: https://twitter.com/thaeroticprince


Description: “Her pleasure spells devour and consume a man ready to release. Two spirits under the enchantment of one”

Price: 0.7 ETH

Marketplace: Foundation

Link: https://foundation.app/@TheEroticPrince/foundation/55662

IMG_7450 2.jpg

Gustavo Adolfo

 is a unique Caribbean visionary artist born in the vibrant, colorful and magical island of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Due to his social and artistic contribution his work is of great importance to Puerto Rico and internationally. His art shares a message of hope for humanity and the possibility of creating a better world.


His motivation grows from a fusion between his academic experience, his personal self-discovery, and mystical arts. Gustavo works with paintings, drawings, and traditional engravings. The artist sculpts on a wood surface, in which he transfers engravings from other hand-made surfaces. This is a very ancient technique which has existed for over three thousand years. His works include engraving analysis as an artistic expression of meditation.


Learn more https://gusartist.com/bio/

Instagram: @GusArtist

Twitter: @GusArtist 

Website: www.GusArtist.com


Original Art: Elevacioón Planetaria

Planetary Elevation is inspired in the vibrational ascension of planet Earth. As living beings of this world we are remembering and expanding our consciousness level, growing together from the inside out. 


The sacred connection between Mother Earth and the Universe; the material and spiritual realm; between the visible and invisible. We are one with the wholeness in an infinite state of transformation and inner growth.


Love & Gratitude 🪷

Link: https://opensea.io/assets/ethereum/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/3624027538133225299946552480662213541005379222188529147694923190454827614209



    Born and raised in California, artist Christian G. Hernández, also known as “Shipwreck”, has been immersed in the world of art since he won his first art competition at the mere age of 5. Growing up, he eschewed a traditional academic path to venture into the artistic world providing himself one year to either make it in the artistic industry or resume his work in another area. In less than a year, it was evident that he had not only found his passion and career, but a talent that he was willing to share it with the world.

    The need to reveal his talent and explore the world led him to numerous journeys in which he was able to showcase his abilities in festivals such as OZORA Festival in Hungary and murals in major countries such as Spain. It was not until 2019 that he found himself again in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico where he decided to forge a new home. In his short time in Puerto Rico, he has gained notoriety for his large-scale murals and smaller works that seek to inspire the public through the expression of emotion. Although humans do this naturally, Shipwreck’s ability to bring the human quality of natural emotion to the subjects of his arts has led him to gain admirers. Currently, he is working in several murals in different locations throughout Puerto Rico and creating unique abstract photorealism paintings for his clients. Soon, he will be opening an art gallery/ art shop within the San Juan metropolitan area with the hopes of creating an artistic space that allows his admirers to visit and experience his art process in real life.      

IG https://instagram.com/ship_wreck_?igshid=NzNkNDdiOGI=

NFT Name: Selene's vision

Description: Selene, Greek goddess of the moon. Mystery cults revering Selene rose up supporting the assumption that the stories of goddesses like Selene were part of ancient shamanistic rituals in daily life. Here is Selene portrayed having Shamanistic visions in this painting as a tribute to her followers.

Market place: live mint

Link: https://opensea.io/Ship_wreck_

Starting price = it will be auctioned starting at 5k


Papaya Tropical®

Nace en San Juan, Puerto Rico en el 2014 como un passion project que desea romper los paradigmas y miedos en torno a la sexualidad femenina.


Actualmente, somos la empresa y plataforma de educación sexual con mayor impacto en Puerto Rico y el Caribe; y con alcance en países de América Latina y en España.


A través de las artes visuales y literarias, talleres, charlas y productos dirigidos a la salud y el placer sexual, promovemos un acercamiento positivo al tema de la sexualidad.


Nuestra misión es cambiar el 'statu quo' social, capacitando a las personas para que superen los prejuicios, tabúes y estereotipos que minimizan nuestra sociedad. Nuestra visión es construir sociedades donde todas, todos y todes vivamos en aceptación, amor y armonía.

Redes Sociales:

Artist name:

  • Comisión: Papaya Tropical® 

  • Dirección: Vanessa Vila, presidenta de Papaya Tropical®

  • Fotografía: Liaryz Ramos, a.k.a. Never Lovers


Name of nft: Voyeur



Esta compilación fotográfica narra una historia erótica desde la mirada de un voyeur o como le llamarían en Puerto Rico, ligón. 


Las fotografías originales fueron tomadas en San Juan, Puerto Rico en agosto de 2017, un mes antes de que el huracán María azotara la isla. Luego del 20 de septiembre de 2017, el espacio donde se tomaron estas fotografías quedó completamente destruido por la inundación; y nunca volvió a ser el mismo. Las fotografías nunca fueron publicadas en los medios sociales de Papaya Tropical® debido a la censura que las redes imponen al arte erótico. Hoy por primera vez, luego de 5 años, hacemos pública esta obra, en solidaridad y en apoyo a los damnificados del huracán Fiona. 


Estilo: Diapositivas

Formato: MP4


Price: $3,000 USD / 2.2809585 

Marketplace: Opensea